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Things to Learn (and see) in DC...

sunny 29 °C

I made it to work in one piece for my first day! Leaving work was a different story. Lemme tell you a little secret about the women in DC...they are smart. They carry big bags (fashion smart) on their walk to the metro (health smart) where they ride the rest of the way to work (environmentally smart) where they arrive, take the smart-looking, business appropriate 4" heels out of their big bags (professional attire smart/fashion smart) and replace the comfy shoes that got them that far with these work/fashion saavy ones until 5pm when the process is reversed. Now, I generally consider myself fairly smart. I missed the memo about the who shoe-switcheroo thing. Arriving to work in one piece was easy, arriving home with feet in tact: not so much the case for me. Needless to say, problem solved come Friday morning. I now start and finish my day with California pride, walking down 17th to and from the metro in my rainbows.

Once I had worked out the logistics of a walking city I could really appreciate all the greatness of this place. My first week has consisted of a sentimental run down capitol mall. With a huge harvest moon behind me I jogged past the Washington Monument, onto the WWII Memorial, along the reflecting pool and just before hitting the Lincoln Memorial turned north to head home. Running along the lit monuments and memorials, reading quotes filled with pride and honor from wartime presidents makes me wax nostalgic for an era of (1) presidents whose speeches were believably passionate and inspired, (2) a sense of national community (3) an era of achievements to be proud of, not overshadowed by failure and misdirection. Despite my cynicism, I was able to enjoy my run and everything I have seen and will see while here in DC.

Speaking of things to do and see, this weekend has steered me through Georgetown's homecoming celebration, including a fantastic sports bar in Georgetown called Rhinos. Saturday morning brought the National Book Festival with authors Joyce Carol Oates and Dr. Sangay Gupta among the few names I recognized. I dropped into "the Castle" or the Smithsonian Institution to learn about Mr. Smithson himself and all his FREE museums!! Onto lunch at the National Museum of American Indians where I tasted a sampling of traditionally inspired native foods from the different regions of the Americas (the pumpkin soup with acorn creme was phenomenal!). From there, a wander through the United States Botanical Gardens to marvel at gorgeous plants and flowers from all over the world. Lastly, onto the capitol building steps to get a view of the entire mall! Sunday morning my roommates and I were off to Eastern Market, recently reopened after an electrical fire. Flea market, farmers market, vendor fair...all there selling their goods! Finally it was time for football and my roommate and I found this fun little bar on U Street to watch the Niners get trampled :(

Eventful weekend and I have barely scratched the surface! This week is back to work where I will hopefully get some more insight into exactly what my job is at Amnesty.

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and back down again!

sunny 29 °C

After arriving in DC and meeting Jodi and Steve, these crazy guitar gurus at the local hole-in-the-2nd-floor guitar shop, Abe the photo guy who helped me get my life together in a matter of minutes and with just a few prints, the French dude who plays tour guide for our quick trip around the wine world during nightly tastings of foreign wines in Dupont, I ventured outside my neighborhood.

First it was off to Maryland with my roommate, Erin. We made our very first trip to Maryland to experience the wonderful world of Target. That's about all there is to do in Wheaton, Maryland and unless you count riding the longest escalator in the Western Hemisphere on your shortlist, we exhausted southern Maryland's entertainment offerings in a single shopping center.

A couple nights later, Austin (Steph's brother-in-law, and the other half of the best man/maid of honor duo) Virginia called my name and we headed to fantastic sushi in Rosslyn, VA followed by a buffet of Irish pubs in Old Town Alexandria (which is the cutest east coast neighborhood yet). Bands playing upstairs and down at Murphy's, or first stop, followed by O'Connels which couldn't have crowded their dark wood paneled walls with another rugby photo or piece of memorabilia...I love the Irish!

Next adventures will be work and exploring D.C.

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Home Sweet D.C.

I made it!

sunny 31 °C

So I'm here, sleep deprived, sticky (that would be the layers of persperation and humidity which accumulate after every bout of drying in full blast air conditioning...gross!), but wide-eyed and excited. I love cities! Honking horns and bad drivers aside, this place is wonderful. Every store I have been into manages a certain quaint and simultaneously claustrophobic aura, and despite the fact that things are just ever-so-slightly-different here, I don't think I'll have too much trouble calling this place home...temporarily.

I arrived early this morning, unpacked and went out exploring. I live near Dupont Circle which is a little cultural niche of Northwest D.C. encircling most of the embassies and consulates (a.k.a. an International Relations major's heaven!). Restaurants galore...this is when I wish internships paid a more generous stipend (and by 'generous' I mean more than zero). Speaking of work, I start Thursday after another round of orientations here at the UC Washington Center where I live. This place is nuts. Its a great building, built and suited perfectly for the short-timer here in DC but the security is insane (parents: rest easy). I have to show and ID EVERY SINGLE TIME I walk into the building to the security guard on duty 24/7 (or pay a $100 fine!!??!!!), I need a separate electronic key pass to swipe to get into the stairwell or elevator and then another key to open my apartment door, followed by one more turn of the brass to get into my room!! Slightly absurd, but I do feel safe.

Well, I'm here and I am very excited about the next 10 weeks. I have tons to see here and plenty in nearby New York and further down the Potomac. Ciao!

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